Saturday, October 2, 2010

My plan my paper

First, I am thinking about the subject of my paper, 'How to teach extroverts and introverts students in the same class.' I am extrovert and personally learned English with speaking with foreingers directly. It is authentic and easier to remember some expressions. One day, I had a chance to write paper about it , however, I want to consider this deeply this time. Is it really to acheive English differently? How is it different? Moreover, I can think about my students' character and help how to teach them. How to teach to extrovers and introverts would be different for an effective way.

Second, I have taught lower level students since my first semester. Therefore, I am considering how to teach my low motivated students and wanted to write about computer-based class.

I have to consider more about it and will make better one to write.

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  1. yeah these are definitely two different papers and you will have to decide between them.

    one issue with the first one will be finding out what things people have tried in the past as pedagogical interventions for extroverts and introverts in EFL classes.

    for the EITHER one you will need to narrow your topic to some part of that topic, because it is simply to wide to create a method to explore it in the short time you have for you thesis!