Sunday, September 5, 2010

about plagiarism

It could be judged as "stealing" and "cheating".

In Korea, when people write their articles, they usually copy other's work easily. They even don't know it is plagiarism. So it is necessary to let them know that is an illegal act.

Then how to prevent plagiarism?

There are several ways to prevent it: using quotation, citation, and paraphrasing.

It looks easy to use quotation and citation. However paraphrasing is little difficult. When we paraphrase other's work, we need to understand the writer's intention and know more beyond background with the article.

I understand how to prevent plagiarism at least. I will try to use quotation when I use other's work and moreover I will more try paraphrase from original articles.


  1. I already know paraphrasing is so diffcult to students and also me. I wonderning while you had a class, how many times did you explain about plagiarism to your students? If your answer is "Yes", how did you teach about this concept?

  2. I didn't talk about plagiraism to my students yet.

  3. yep. this is for adults, university students grad students . . . at least in English. is there any punishment for plagiarism to Korean writers? I know that Koreans are starting to be punished for falsifying their resumes . . . not exactly the same, but a start and leads to understanding other kinds of academic dishonesty.