Friday, September 10, 2010

How to communicate with students?

At my first semester in middle school, students didn't pay attention too much to me. There were 18 students in the classroom mixed boys and girls. The classroom was the lowest level of 3. They had low motivation not only English but also studying at school. Day after day they made a lot of noisy in the class and talk with their colleagues. In addition they didn't do their homework, either. Therefore, I had to consider what I had to change.

After discussion with my colleagues, I decided to change my attitude. I was very kind and energetic. It made students think me a different teacher than other teachers. It was a good beginning. However, they just wanted to enjoy the class but study hard. I had to think about 'What I am here? I am a teacher who lead students study English better and give them motivation toward English. Just relax and enjoy the class is it ok?' As a result, I changed my attitude from being nice to fierce. I started to use a stick for smacking.

Since then, 2 different effects appeared. One group followed my discipline. The other neglected mine. According to the latter, I encountered difficulties in the classroom. Even though saying "Be quiet. Stop doing. Stand up and stay behind the classroom and raise your hand. Make a push-up position for 10 minutes.", they made noises with scolding. It made me angry.

There were 2 girls who liked me very much. However, they didn't listen me, either. I wanted to make them understand me and participate in the classroom. One day, I was so upset with them and let them stay more even after finishing the class. And then I shared my feeling with them. I started my story how to begin to study when I was a middle school. "What do you want to be? Why don't you like English? What do you think about my classroom? What can you make an enthusiast here? Do you know why I am doing like this nowadays?", I asked and answered. And I was weeping and sniffling. I turned back and wiped my tears. I really wanted them enjoy the class and participate well so they finally can get a motivation about English. At last they understood my mind why I did so far. They said, "I am sorry that I misunderstand you. I try to do my best from now on. Let me try. I am sorry. I am shame on me what I did during the class"

The next early morning I got 2 valuable letters from them. It was written the their story and their promise. I also understood them why they did so. I moved to tears again with the letter. Since then, they controlled the class, tried to be nice themselves, did their homework well, and listened me hard. With them, other students could follow me well.

I know how to manage students now even at the first class who I have never met. First impression is very important. How to manage students at the beginning determined the last of the classes. If I have had more experiencers, I could not fail at the first semester. Students knows the school system and environment already. They wanted to test the teacher who was the first at the school. If students think the teacher is easy to handle, they don't listen very well and it possibly will be continued to the end of the semester. However, if not, they are willing to listen to the teacher and to be a nice student in the classroom.

To make students participate in the classroom is teacher's portion. Don't need to complain how students are bad or how degree they have. I always concern on materials what I will use in the class and how to manage the class from the beginning to the end in one class. Keeping time is also important. Following the lesson plan, I do my lesson organized. Making a group activity, drawing stuff, using a small white board can be the way to hold student's attention and participate. Teacher's elaboration surely effects on the class. Moreover students know it.

Using PPT many students stick my class and enjoy now. I had a survey about my class and myself. They constantly bring about my energetic and humorous attitude make them listen more and like my class. Even though I use a stick to spank them when they don't do their homework the same as my first semester, students understand me and follow me because of knowing my disciplines. Therefore they know that I am still generous and kind. If you are a teacher, you have to consider how to students make my side. Then the game will be over.

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  1. HI! Angel.
    As you said, controlling students and communication in the classroom is really important. Authority is not a best way all the time. I think having open mind to students and teachers is more important. I saw your ppt file and your teaching in multimedia class already. So I am sure your class is so interesting and energetic. I need more interesting things for my students because they are younger than your students. I try to use various materials like ppt file, movie clip, song or other visual and auditory things.
    Good luck to your teaching!!