Saturday, September 4, 2010

After reading 'Reflection is at the Heart of Practice'

How many times I read this article! I understand how reflection is important thing to write. Moreover, I know the heart of writing practice is the reflection.

In my experience, Guided Reflection Protocol is good for high level students, while Critical Incidents is good for lower level students. High level students can understand teacher's instruction quickly and easily, so they can follow every steps in Guided Reflection Protocol and write appropriately what teacher expects. However, lower level students are afraid of writing something themselves. They feel comfortable with group activities, that they don't need to be a leader of the group all the time. They just can share their stories and follow others' opinion easily and can get the result. So, 'The Critical Incidents Protocol' is better way for them.

However, I learned how to write ordinary story that is not very interesting into a particular story thinking of reflection deeper and deeper.

If I write an assay from now on, I am going to think about reflection beyond the actual fact as I read this article.


  1. Hello :) Angel and Cutter. Your blog name is so like you. HAHAHA I know you read many times this article. I agree with your thinking. In the classroom, students have lots of sort. I mean high level, low lever like this. Like this matter, teachers will feel that teaching is so really difficult for them. However, in case of this situation, if some teachers choose like this methods(rf:paragraph 2), students will understand very effective contents to your teaching. I hope you always have a good atmosphere to your class. Also I believe you already did like this. :) Have a nice day !

  2. while you can certainly use this for students, what o you think about it for teachers? that is the real audience . . .